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Tri-Modality Treatment using
IPL, Diamondpolar RF, Viva

The powerhouse of all treatments. A tri-modality treatment combining IPL, Radiofrequency and nanofractional radiofrequency to amplify results and target pigment, wrinkles, texture, tone, pores and laxity.

The treatments start off with an IPL which can feel a little snappy. We wait 10 minutes then proceed with the Diamondpolar Radiofrequency; this has been compared to a hot stone massage. We wait another 10 minutes then apply a numbing cream prior to the Viva treatment. Then we proceed with a Viva treatment, the numbing takes the edge off and it is a well tolerated treatment. Once that is complete, we recommend our patients do not touch their skin or use any products (even water) for 24 hours. This treatment is safe for skin types I-IV and treatment has minimal social downtime.



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